Resumption of Play after Covid-19

May 20, 2020 | Newsletter

The Government has relaxed some of the lockdown restrictions imposed to restrict the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.  These relaxations are very limited and social distancing guidelines are likely to be in force for many months. 

The current guidelines mean that bowling can restart in a limited form and we plan to re-open the club with effect from Monday 1st June.  Play will be restricted to two players per rink, i.e. games of singles with a maximum of 12 players at any one time.  Below are details of how this activity will be managed.  These guidelines must be adhered to at all times.

Booking a Game

The club will be open for play from 10am until 8pm.  The day’s play will be divided into sessions starting at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm.  If the demand is greater, we will investigate arranging sessions at 12noon and 4pm.  A senior member of the club will act as a steward for each session.  Anyone wishing to play in one of these sessions must contact the nominated steward – by e-mail, text or phone – to reserve their place to play, preferably at least 1 hour before the start of the session.  Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.  A list of stewards, with their contact details, will be circulated separately.

Duration of a Game

Each game can last up to 2 hours.  Players should not arrive at the club earlier than 15 minutes before the beginning of their booked session.  This should ensure that there are no more than 12 players at the club at any one time.


The clubhouse must not be used except where absolutely necessary, i.e. to collect equipment from lockers in the changing rooms and / or to use the toilets.  The kitchen and bar will not be open.  If players need drinks they must bring their own.

Both the main door to the club-house and the fire exit door to the patio will be open. If members need to access the club-house they should enter via the main door and leave via the door to the patio

The entrance door to the changing rooms must be kept open, and the room must only be used to collect and deposit equipment from lockers.  Only one member will be allowed in the changing rooms at any one time.  If members need to go into the changing room to collect their shoes and bowls from the lockers they should do so as quickly as possible, using the main area of the club-house for changing.  Because the main club-house area cannot be used for refreshments 12 chairs will be laid out at a sensible distance apart and these can be used for players to change their shoes. 

The dress will be informal.  This should reduce the need to use the changing rooms, other than to collect equipment from lockers, and replace it after the game.


Only one person can use the respective toilets at any one time.  In order to manage this, a simple sign (Vacant / Engaged) will be put on the door to the toilets and should be used to indicate usage.  Detergent dispensers will be available inside the toilets and on the tables inside the clubhouse and by the exit to the patio.  These should be used before entering and after using the toilet.


The green will be laid out in six rinks as normal.  Two gates in the electric fence will be open to enable access to the green and players should use the most convenient gate to enter the green, while observing the normal 2-metres social dIstancing from other players.  Instead of the 2-metre markings on the side of the green (the minimum distance for the mat from the ditch, and the jack from the ditch) the markings will be placed at 4-metres from the ditch. 

Two mats will be placed on each rink, at a distance of 4 metres from the ditch.  This should make it much easier for bowlers to stand 2 metres away from their opponent.  The mats must not be moved during the game.  A 2-metre pole will also be placed behind each mat, to indicate the distance that the non-bowler must stand while their opponent is on the mat.  This pole must not be moved.

Two jacks will be available on each rink.  These will be washed with disinfectant between sessions.  Players can decide whether they wish to “place” the jack before playing an end, or whether they wish to bowl the jack.  In this latter case the players themselves must be responsible for centering the jack.  There will be no marker for any game.

If the players wish to keep the score in a game they must use a scorecard.  Cards will be available on the table in the corridor inside the clubhouse.  Scoreboards must not be used.

The only equipment that players need to handle is the jack and their own bowls.  Players should ensure they wash their hands with disinfectant gel after their game.

Summary – These guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that players can play a game of bowls, while observing the Government’s guidelines about social distancing.  They must be observed at all times.

Any member who thinks they may be suffering from any of the symptoms of Covid-19 should self-isolate and should not consider coming to the club under any circumstances whatsoever.