Newsletter – July 2020

Jul 16, 2020 | Newsletter

Newsletter – July 2020

Following the revised guidelines from the UK government about Covid-19 and the guidance notes from Bowls England we are pleased to announce that we feel able to introduce more bowling for our members.  In particular –

  • Members can play games of pairs in the various roll-up sessions;
  • The club pairs league is being played on a Monday afternoon, from 29th June;
  • The Open League will be played as a pairs competition, starting on 14th July;
  • The draws for the various club competitions will be made on 6th July. Competitors will be notified and details will be published on the competitions notice board in the clubhouse and on the club’s website.
  • We will be organising the Acorn Trophy competition on certain Saturday mornings. More details are given below.

In addition, we will be opening the club bar with effect from 6th July.  Strict social distancing rules must be observed.  Entry to the clubhouse will be via the main entrance and exit will be through the fire exit door to the patio.  Drinks must be consumed outdoors.

Further Covid-19 Guidelines  

The club will do its upmost to protect its members and all visiting players from the Covid-19 virus, but members must also take responsibility for their own safety.  We would remind members of the following guidelines –

  • Observe the social distancing guidance (2 metres apart) at all times.
  • Wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser when you arrive at the club, before you leave the club and at regular intervals if you touch surfaces or equipment likely to be touched by more than one person.
  • The clubhouse main door and patio door must be open at all times during play. Entry to the clubhouse must be via the main door and exit through the patio door. 
  • The kitchen will not be open. The external water tap can be used for refilling personal water bottles. 
  • The clubhouse can only be used for limited essential use – access to the bar, toilets and changing rooms. Only one person can use each toilet at any one time and only one person is allowed in the changing room, just to collect their bowls and shoes.  The door to the changing room must be kept open.
  • Sufficient plastic chairs will be laid out on the patio area and on the path in front of the green for players to sit and change their shoes. Players must not use a chair already used by another player. 
  • Spectators can be allowed, but they must also observe social distancing and use the benches situated around the green. Members from different households should not sit together on the same bench. 
  • Wherever possible restrict the handling of equipment, i.e. mats, jacks, pushers – to one player per rink.
  • Where members wish to keep the score in a game, scorecards must be used. A supply of scorecards will be kept on the table inside the clubhouse.  Scoreboards must not be used.

New Member / Coaching 

We are pleased to welcome Ray Francis as a new member to the club.  Ray has bowled previously at the Enfield Town (Enfield Conservatives) club and we hope you will make him feel very welcome at Oak Hill.  Ray has already joined a team in the afternoon pairs league.

We have recently had a number of prospective members who have come into the club and shown an interest.  Some have already had some coaching, so we look forward to welcoming them as new members in the near future.  If you know of anyone who would like to try bowling, please encourage them to come along or to get in touch with John Abson.

Open League

Our Open league will be starting on 14th July, with 16 teams competing.  8 teams will be playing on a Tuesday morning, with the other 8 playing on Thursday mornings for their initial “round-robin” matches.  The top two teams from each group will then compete over the final 3 weeks of the league.  We are very grateful to Churchills Funeral Directors and Mantlestates for sponsoring the league again this year.

Club Diary

A diary for the remainder of the season, starting on 6th July, has now been placed inside the club-house.  This should be used for players wishing to book rinks for playing their club competition matches.  The diary has been set up to show the club’s regular commitments –

  • The pairs league on Monday afternoons;
  • The Open league on Tuesday and Thursday mornings;
  • The Acorn Trophy, fixed-date competitions and coaching on Saturday mornings;

Apart from these specific times, members can book rinks for competitions or play roll-ups at other times of the week.

In the unlikely event of the government’s “track & trace” system being used by any of our bowlers or visitors, it is important that we have a record of who has visited the club.  The scorecards can be used to record players in the pairs leagues, but it is important that all members taking part in a roll-up record their name in the club diary.  There is a column on the right hand side of each page which can be used for this purpose.

Acorn Trophy / Competitions

The Acorn trophy is an informal competition open to any members to take part.  A programme of different events will be organised over 6 weeks and members can turn up and play whenever they wish.  There is no need to commit to play every week.  This year we will be organising the trophy on Saturday mornings and trying to combine it with coaching new members, in the hope that they will be able to take part and meet some existing members.  However, we will have to restrict the sessions to 24 players.

The programme for the Acorn Trophy and other Saturday events is –

       11th July – Acorn Trophy week 1 – normal game
       18th July – Ladies’ and Men’s 2-wood singles competitions;
       25th July – Acorn Trophy week 2 – 3, 2, 1
       1st August – 2-woods Mixed Pairs competition;
       8th August – Acorn Trophy – week 3 – 2 jacks
       15th August – Acorn Trophy – week 4 – Goal
       22nd August – Aussie Pairs competition
       29th August – Acorn Trophy – week 5 – Long & short
       5th September – Acorn Trophy – week 6 – Crown green
       12th / 13th September – Club Competitions Finals Weekend
       19th September (2pm) – Fun Afternoon
       26th September (2pm) – President’s Day & Presentation of Trophies

Club Finances / 100 Club

Our club is likely to suffer a financial loss this year, possibly in the region of £5,000 – £6,000.  Not only will we receive less income from subscriptions, but we are unable to have our normal social activities, so will receive no income from catering or the cribbage and bridge clubs.  Our expenditure is likely to remain much the same as a normal year.

We are aware that many of our members have already paid subscriptions and made donations to the club, even though some members are unlikely to be bowling much this season.  We are very grateful for their generosity.

With no friendly matches we cannot organise raffles, and with no club nights we are unable to generate some income from the Golden Pot, etc.  We therefore propose to organise a slightly different version of the “100 club” for the remainder of this season.  We are inviting members to make a one-off payment to the club to purchase “tickets” in units of £10 each for a monthly draw.  For each £10, the member will be allocated a number which will be entered into three monthly draws, e.g. if a member makes a payment of £50 they will be allocated 5 numbers in the draws at the end of July, August and September.  If we receive sufficient funds, a monthly winning prize of £100 will be given, but the total prizes will be limited to 50% of the amounts received.  Wherever possible, we would ask members to make their payment directly to the club’s bank account, with your name and 100 as the reference.  For more details, please contact David Conway.  In order to qualify for the first draw at the end of July, payments should be received by 30th July.

Ken Callingham

We are really sad to report that Ken Callingham is very poorly.  He was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago and then transferred to University College Hospital where he has now been diagnosed with an aggressive T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.  Unfortunately, while some gentle chemotherapy can be provided, this is purely to provide more time as his condition is not curable. 

This news will come as a great shock to his many friends, as much as it has to his family.  Bowls has been an integral part of Ken’s life for many years and Ken has made some great friends along the way. 

Ken’s granddaughter (Ellie Marie Barlow) has set up a fundraiser through Facebook for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society.  The link is given below.  Should anyone wish to make a donation, it would be most gratefully received.  Ken is unaware of the fundraiser at the moment as his family plan to let him know about it when it has ended, which should be in about a week’s time.

If anyone wishes to send a message to Ken, his daughter would be happy to receive and collate them for Ken to see once he is home. 

We plan to produce the next issue of the newsletter in August, to include details of the July “100 club” draw and the various club competitions.  The timing may depend on further news about Covid-19 and the lifting of restrictions.  If you have any item of news or comment that you would like to include, please let us know.  In the meantime, stay safe and healthy

… and please remember to observe the Government’s guidelines about social distancing (keep 2 metres apart from other members) at all times.  Any member who thinks they may be suffering from any of the symptoms of Covid-19 should self-isolate and should not consider coming to the club under any circumstances whatsoever.