August Fixtures

Sat 12:30pmEnfield & Dist League 4 – Bury Lodge BCHome4 triplesWhites  
Sun 22:30pmSt. Albans & District LBA (Ladies v Men)Home4 RinksWhitesMeal
Sun 2County Team Championship Finals
Mon 32pmClub Afternoon League – 12Home4 TriplesGreys
Mon 36pmHB ICL B5/A4 Harperbury BCAway2 Rinks1 RinkGreysSupper
Tue 410amOPEN TRIPLES LEAGUE 14Home7 RinksGreys
Wed 5
Thu 62pmGC Vets 13 – Bush Hill Park BCAway3 TriplesGreysT&B  
Thu 66pmClub Night – Acorn TrophyHome5 RinksGreys
Fri 74pmJunior Club (East Barnet School)Home6 Rinks
Fri 75:30pmSt A&D League 5 – Welwyn & District BCH & A2 TriplesGreysSupper
Fri 76:15pmDay Cup 4 – Potters Bar BCHome2 RinksGreysSupper
Sat 8Prentice Cup Finals  at Finchley BC
Sun 92pmNeighbours Day – Cockfosters BCAway1 TripleWhites(Take raffle prize)
Sun 92:30pmMill Hill BC Bob Krause TrophyAway4 TriplesWhitesT&B  
Mon 102pmClub Afternoon League – 13Home4 TriplesGreys
Tue 1110amOPEN TRIPLES LEAGUE 15Home7 RinksGreys
Wed 12St A&D LBA Double Rink R1
Thu 132pmGC Vets 14 – Finchley BCAway3 TriplesGreysT&B   
Thu 136pmClub NightHome5 RinksGreys
Fri 142pmBrigg League 9 – Potters Bar BCHome2 TriplesWhitesT&B
Fri 144pmJunior Club (East Barnet School)Home6 Rinks
Fri 146:15pmDay Cup 5 – Potters Bar BCAway2 RinksGreysSupper
Sat 15tbcF&D Finals Day
Sun 162:30pmEnfield & Dist League 5 – Cockfosters BCAway4 TriplesWhites  T&B  
Mon 172pmGC Vets 15 Bounds Green BCHome3 TriplesGreysT & B
Mon 17St A&D LBA Double Rink Semi Final
Tue 1810amOPEN TRIPLES LEAGUE 16Home7 RinksGreys
Wed 19
Thu 202pmWoodcock Park BC   Home3 TriplesGreysT&B  
Thu 206pmClub Night – Acorn TrophyHome5 Rinks   
Fri 214pmJunior Club (East Barnet School)Home6 Rinks
Fri 215pmDay Cup (Final)  at Barnet BC
(East Barnet Valley BC v Oak Hill BC)
Away2 RinksGreysMeal – Early Start
Sat 2210amClub Australian PairsHome6 RinksGreys
Sun 232:30pmPotters Bar BC FriendlyAway5 TriplesWhitesT&B  
Mon 242pmClub Afternoon League – 14Home4 TriplesGreys
Tue 2510amOPEN TRIPLES LEAGUE 17Home7 RinksGreys
Wed 262:30pmBush Hill Park BC  FriendlyHome5 TriplesGreys  T&B   
Thu 276pmClub NightHome5 RinksGreys
Fri 284pmJunior Club (East Barnet School)Home6 Rinks
Sat 292:30pmEnfield & Dist League 6Bounds Green BCAway4 TriplesWhitesT & B
Sun 30Herts County South Area Finals
Mon 312pmClub Bob Sawyer TrophyHome6 RinksWhitesBank Holiday


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From mid-April through to the the end of September the club is open from 10 am to Dusk

Our club is now open for play.  The bar will be open from 6th July, but the remainder of the clubhouse, including the kitchen, will not be open.  Social distancing must be strictly observed at all times.

We can arrange free coaching sessions for anyone wishing to try bowls for the first time.  Please complete your details in the Get in Touch box at the bottom of the Home page and we will contact you to make a mutually convenient time.

.  More details are available on our News pages.