The Club

The club is situated in Oak Hill Park, which is owned and managed by the London Borough of Barnet. We have a long-term lease with Barnet Council, but are responsible for managing all other aspects of the club. We hire a specialist company (Amenity Sports Management – ASM) to look after our bowling green in consultation with our Green Manager.

How to Reach Us

The main entrance to Oak Hill Park is in Parkside Gardens, on the East side of the park. From the car park, walk along the path by the stream and cross the bridge over the stream. Our entrance is just 50 metres along the main path on the right hand side. The club has a beautiful setting within the park. Indeed, from our club-house and green there is a lovely outlook of the Oak trees on the hill opposite, from which the name of the park is derived.


We have four main categories of membership –

  • Full-playing members
  • Associate members
  • Junior members
  • Social members

The majority of club members are full-playing members, so can represent the club in friendly and competitive matches, and may also enter club, district, county and national competitions.

Associate membership is intended for those members who only wish to take part in occasional informal play.

Junior membership entitles the under 18’s to the equivalent of full-playing membership, but with a substantially reduced subscription.

Social membership is available to non-playing members who wish to take advantage of the club’s facilities and, in particular, to attend the club’s various social activities.

The club committee is responsible for deciding the level of subscription for the various categories of membership each year. We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness and a welcoming attitude free of all prejudices.

Hertfordshire Senior Fours Winners 2018
From left to right: John Abson, Terry Doe, David Bowler, Chris Gray

Dress Code

The club has a relaxed dress code for most internal club games and events, i.e. games that do not involve other clubs.  However, footwear must comply with the Bowls England regulations, i.e. flat-soled bowling shoes normally in brown, grey, or white.  The only guidelines regarding dress code are that the clothing must enable freedom of movement when playing and must not distract or offend.

For fixtures with other clubs the Bowls England dress code applies.  This means – a ‘club top’ with ‘white or ‘grey’ below the waist dependent on the fixture.  In 2018 we introduced a new club shirt with a modern design, made of a lightweight breathable polyester fabric.  A lightweight shower-proof jacket in a similar design is also available.


We have an extensive programme of matches and other activities. We play a number of friendly matches against other local clubs and encourage all members to take part. The vast majority of friendlies are mixed matches, available to both lady and men members.

We are a competitive club and take part in a number of external leagues organised at the county and district level.


We organise a full range of internal competitions for our members, with the finals being held over one weekend in September.

Our Men’s and Ladies’ Championships are generously sponsored by Burlington Wealth Management Ltd.

For more details of these see under Competitions.


Our club has qualified coaches registered with Coach Bowls and the English Bowls Coaching Scheme (EBCS) and we provide regular coaching for potential bowlers as well as our own members.

We also have access to senior coaches from the Hertfordshire Bowls Coaching Society (HBCS) and occasionally organise specialist coaching events for our members. We also have sets of bowls used for coaching that can be borrowed by club members on an ‘as required’ basis.



We are always seeking opportunities to introduce the sport of bowls to youngsters. In 2022 we started a project with East Barnet school whereby we coach some of their pupils in bowls as part of their PE curriculum.

We will also be running an “after school” club on Friday evenings and hope to use this to encourage youngsters from the school and the local community to take up bowls.


10 + 13 =



From mid-April through to the the end of September the club is open from 10 am to Dusk